In keeping with W.O.M.A.A.'s goal to make the World  Martial  Games one of the best in the world, we are instituting
some new and innovative aspects to the games.

The WOMAA World Martial Games
each year
will offer something for everyone including the new

WOMAA Black Belt Continous Fighting

This is how it works,   18 years and Over, Black Belt Male & Female Continuous Fighters in their particular weight
categories or open weights from all over the world, will compete in elimination rounds through the 2 days of
competition.   At the Grand Championship Finals,  the top two fighters in each category  will compete in the MAIN
EVENT to become the

W.O.M.A.A. Continuous Fighting
World Champion Title Belt Holder

In 2008 there will be 4 Title Belts given
2 Men's, 2 Women's
Age 18 - 34 - Open Weight, Age 35 yrs & above - Open Weight
in each category

This is a special World Title Belt event and will follow WOMAA Continuous Fighting Rules and Regulations.   There
is a separate entry fee and application for this event.

Those continuous fighters in the World Title Belt events may also register to compete in the regular tournament in the  
Continuous Fighting medal divisions at the World Martial Games too.

(Registration for the Tournament does not automatically register you for the World Title Belt, Registration for the World Title Belt does not automatically register you for the
regular tournmament divisions, each has it's own separate application and fee and must be filled out to compete)

In future years, each country may hold  WOMAA Sanctioned National Title Belt Continuous Fights to determine their
country's Champion in each category (weight class).   Promoters holding National Titles may supply their own belts,
etc. but must be sanctioned by WOMAA and a sanctioning fee paid.    There will also be European, Inter-Continental,
North American, Pacific Rim and other Title Belt competitions, these must be WOMAA Int'l sanctioned events and
there is a sanctioning fee for these.  These belts must be purchased from WOMAA Hdqtrs. The Belts are custom made
belts specifically designed for the new WOMAA European, Int. Cont., , N.Amer., P.Rim. and World Title Holders.

Categories for WOMAA World, Int'l and National Titles will include:
Featherweight - Under 57 kg  (125.4 lbs)
Welterweight -  Under  63 kg (125.4 lbs - 138.58 lbs)
Super WelterWeight - Under 69 kg (138.6 lbs - 151.78 lbs)
Light Middle Weight  -  Under 74 kg (151.8 lbs - 162.78 lbs)
Middle Weight  -  Under 79 kg (162.8 lbs - 173.78 lbs)
Cruiser Weight - Under 84 kg (173.8 lbs - 184.78 lbs)
Light Heavy Weight - Under 89 kg  (184.8 lbs - 195.78)
Heavy Weight - Under 94 kg (195.8 lbs - 206.78 lbs)
Super Heavy Weight - Over 94 kg (206.8)

Feather  Weight - Under 50 kg (110 lbs)
Light Weight - Under 55 kg (110 lbs - 120.98 lbs)
Middle Weight - Under 60 kg (121 lbs - 131.98 lbs)
Light Heavy Weight - Under 65 kg (132 lbs - 142.98 lbs)
Heavy Weight - Over 65 kg  - (143 lbs)

Each World Martial Games Year, we will determine a Men's and Women's World Title Fight Weight Class or Open
Weight classes and invite the title holders from the respective countries to come and compete against the top
contender for the World Title.  If the title is open, then participants will be decided from the available contenders.  If
the previous years winners cannot return to defend their title, then their title will be deemed Open, and the two top
contenders will compete for the next Title Belt.

Applications for Continuuous  World Title Belt may be requested from WOMAA Hdqtrs.

If you would like to host a WOMAA Continuous Fighting World Title, International Title or National Title Belt
match, contact Mr. Bruce Smith at WOMAA Hdqtrs for info, application, sanctioning fees, and belt costs.
email:  womaa@intercom.net, womaa1@gmail.com or call 443-366-6277 (in the U.S.) or
FAX 302-258-1933

The World Title Belts are very Large and Heavy and will be something to treasure for along time.
Become a TRUE World Champion and wear one of these:
Men's World Title
Women's World
Title Belt