From the President's Desk;

       I want to personally welcome you to the Official WOMAA Int'l Website.   WOMAA was formed in 1998 to host,
The World Martial Games,  a World Championship Martial Arts Competition held every year in a different country.  All competitors who travel to the Games each year from around the world are Ambassadors of Good Sportsmanship, and as such, represent their country with pride as they strive to bring back the Gold and the title of World Champion.  To be a TRUE World Champion, you must compete against competitors from many nations, not just a few.  WOMAA has been striving to achieve this goal in the past 5 years by adding more and more countries to our list of participants, and we are growing every year.  Competitors, instructors and organizations from around the world are realizing that the W.O.M.A.A. World Martial Games offers Fair and Great World Class Competition,  Camaraderie and much more.   Whereas, other organizations offer competition for only Black Belts, WOMAA offers all nations competitors from All Styles, All Systems, All Ages (5 yrs & up) and All Belt Ranks (from beginners to the higher ranking black belts) the opportunity to compete against the World.  WOMAA is non-political and offers everyone the chance to experience the cultures, the laws, the foods, the languages and the diversity of other nations and understand that the only true enemy we have in life is "IGNORANCE".

We welcome you to the W.O.M.A.A. website and encourage you to browse around and check out what we have to offer.  WOMAA is  building a strong network of Directors and representatives in many countries around the world, and constantly seeking qualified individuals who would like to become part of the WOMAA family and represent their country at the World Martial Games.

I wish to express a sincere Thank You to all participating countries and their competitors, coaches and guests, for making the WOMAA World Martial Games an incredible experience for everyone. 

See you at the next World Martial Games ........

Bruce Smith
T. Rondo Van Clief
Sr. V. Pres/WOMAA
Master Dennis Brown
V.Pres/WOMAA Int'l
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NEW:  Since W.O.M.A.A. members are considered Int'l Ambassadors of Good Sportsmanship, WOMAA will now appoint Int'l Directors as WOMAA Presidents of their country and all WOMAA Reps under their country President will become WOMAA  Int'l Ambassadors to the WOMAA International League of Nations. (ILN).                  Information:  Click Here
New Section: UPCOMING EVENTS:   Get your event listed on our website so others may see where they can go and compete.  Email your event listing to WOMAA Hdqtrs:,  wherever your event is, anywhere in the world,  let us know and we will post it.  Send Name of event, date, place, time and contact person, phone and email address.  New Event in Canada Added.  Dawn Owens Steel City  Martial Arts Tournament, TBA.
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Check out the Teaser videos (with British Martial Arts Film Star Zara Phythian) of the 2008 WOMAA World Martial "PEACE" Games IX in Castlebar, Ireland.  There will be a  full version of  the 2008 games with interviews, coming soon, filmed by RAW FORCE Productions and       Click Here
WOMAA Team Great Britain's  "KERRY LOUISE NORBURY"  is new WAKO PRO Full Contact Champion.   She is trained by WOMAA GBR President Cris Janson-Piers.  Check out the details:  Click Here
WOMAA Int'l announces changes to it's required safety equipment for all sparring/fighting divisions.   As of this date (3/22/09)  Shin guards are mandatory for all male and female competitors.
For all Continuous Fighting and World Title Belt Fights, enclosed finger and thumb style gloves are mandatory.  A picture of the style of gloves is in the WOMAA Rules & Regulations.
WOMAA Int'l is proud to announce that it's founder and President Mr. Bruce C. Smith has been promoted to the rank of 7th Degree Black in AKKI American Kenpo, by Senior Master Paul Mills,  10th Degree Black Belt.  4/17/09
To Host a World Games
   W.O.M.A.A. World Martial Games X, smaller than expected, but quality of competition, was excellent.  The recession has hit everyone very hard, and this included the WOMAA World Martial Games X.  Many countries could not attend due to loss of jobs, finances, recession, etc.  Not to mention that the U.S. State Dept, did not allow Visas to many countries at the last moment (within 1 week of the games).   All these aspects are beyond the control of the promoters of the event. and has not only affected the WOMAA games, but other martial arts tournaments all over.  But the countries that did attend, Canada, Wales, Lichtenstein, Italy, U.S., China, etc. had a wonderful time and represented their country's with pride and good sportsmanship.    With a little less than 300 total competitors, the games ran smoothy over the 3 days and brought forth many new WOMAA World Champions.  The night time finals on Sunday night were something to see, everyone who attended the finals had a great time and witnessed some great competition from some world class competitors.  Some of the highlites of the evening's events, were the King of the Ring Final Cometition, won by Gunther (FELS) from Lichtenstein,  The WOMAA Continuous Fighting World Title Belt Competition, (Women's 18 - 34 yrs), won by Canada, , the 18 - 34 yrs Men's Title was won by Elvis from Canada earlier that day.  The last event of the night was the World Team fighting, U.S.A. vs Italy.  3 Men, 1 Woman teams.  the fights were fierce and hard, the U.S.A. Team, made up by Waymon Beavers (from Maryland), Tony Luke (from Georgia), Kurt Purnell (from Delaware)  and Nelanie Hamilton (from Germany - U.S. Military).   More info coming soon.   (Countries, please send me a list of your winners and what medals they won, so I can include them in this website.)
Check out the footage of Ajit Amesur at the WOMAA World Games on the
Youtube site:               
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VERY URGENT: From now on  please send all emails pertaining to WOMAA and the World Martial Games to this email address:   info@womaa.coAlternative email addresses are   Thanks, Mr. Bruce Smith/ Pres/WOMAA Int'l                                                                       
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Introducing the next WOMAA Int'l Event
The WOMAA World Martial Games XII
August 19,20,21st  2011
University of Wales (Cardiff)
Cardiff, WALES (GBR)
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NEWS:  W.O.M.A.A. Int'l is very excited  to welcome Mr. Rick Dobson as the new WOMAA New Zealand President.   Also welcome aboard to Mr. Liam Whelan as the new WOMAA Ireland President and Mr. Joe Oliveri as the new WOMAA Australia President. .  Congratulations and we look forward to working with them as we continue to build W.O.M.A.A. Int'l around the world. 
NEW:  W.O.M.A.A. Int'l and Master Cris Janson-Piers (WOMAA GBR President) are proud to announce that
Ms Kerry Louise Norbury has done it again:  She is the new WAKO PRO Intercontinental Champion.
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WOMAA Int'l announces that the Rules for WOMAA Int'l Ring Sports are completed as well as the Trial divisions for the 2011 event in Wales.  They are posted.  Master Cris Janson Piers, WOMAA Int'l Ring Sports Director, is to be commended for his tireless efforts in making sure that all the rules and trial divisions were completed and in a clear and concise manner.
Updated: 4/10/11
Competition Rules
Ring Sports
NEW:   WOMAA INT'L always strives to bring something new and exciting to the World Martial Games each year.  In 2011, we have added the new Ring Sports Divisions. (Full Contact, K-1, MMA and No Gi Submission Grappling).  WOMAA now introduces another new addition: 
These will be Exhibition Trial Divisons for this year.  (1st, 2nd, 3rd place awards will be given)
Latest News for details and divisions.
NEW Equipment Update for all Full Contact and K-1 Kickboxing competitors.   Gloves must be 10 oz.    Headgear:  Top Ten, SAP or KWon (the rubberized type).   No Foam Dipped Headgear will be allowed in the F.C. or K-1 Ring Sports.  Leather type headgear such as Adidas or KoPro may be worn, but they MUST HAVE THE TOP OF THE HEAD COVERED.  NO Open Top Boxing or Boxing Type headquards will be allowed. 

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NEW:   A message from Cris Janson Piers, WOMAA Int'l Ringsports Director................... Click Here
W.O.M.A.A. World Martial Games XII
one of the best yet. 
If you missed the WMG XII in Cardiff, Wales, you missed an excellent event.
We had new countries (Ghana and Bangladesh) as well as returning friends
from around the world.  A recap of the event will follow soon,
as well as listings of country winners and their medal counts.
The 2012 WOMAA World Martial Arts "PEACE" Games
will take place Summer of 2012 in England
Date and place to follow shortly
So make your plans for next year's extravaganza.
NEW Updated, interactive  WOMAA Int'l Website coming Soon. 
It will include pictures and videos from the games in Wales, as well as Country results (medal winners, etc.)
Please be patient it takes awhile to rebuild it from scratch.  If there are things you would like to see on the new website, please contact WOMAA Int'l Hdqtrs by email ( and if you have pictures or videos from the past games, please send them to us for possible inclusion into the website.