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World Martial Games
W.O.M.A.A. Int'l Websites
Our International W.O.M.A.A. Affiliates are spreading the word.
W.O.M.A.A. - Germany:   Team Germany
W.O.M.A.A. -  Team Canada
W.O.M.A.A. - U.S.A.:   Team America
W.O.M.A.A. - Great Britain:   Team England
W.O.M.A.A. - Italy: Team Italy
W.O.M.A.A. - Costa Rica: Team Costa Rica
Click the Flag of the country's team you want to check info for and it will take you to their Official Website.
Some are under construction and more will be added at a later date.
WOMAA Germany President Position - Now OPEN - Looking for Qualified Individual,  contact WOMAA Int'l Hdqtrs.
W.O.M.A.A.  GBR/U.K. President- Mr. Cris Janson-Piers
W.O.M.A.A. Italy President - Mr. Gino Vitrano
W.O.M.A.A. Costa Rica Director - Mr. Berny Carvajal
W.O.M.A.A. - Georgia Republic - Team Georgia
W.O.M.A.A. Georgia Director - Mr. Kakha Basilia
W.O.M.A.A. - Nigeria:  Team Nigeria
W.O.M.A.A. Nigeria Director - Soke Happy John Uvwiefenigwere
W.O.M.A.A. - Iran:  Team Iran
W.O.M.A.A. Iran  Director - Shihan Nasrollah Kakavand
W.O.M.A.A. - Canada:   Team Canada/ Ontario Branch
W.O.M.A.A. Canada/Ontario President:  Mrs. Dawn Owens
W.O.M.A.A. - Canada:  Team Canada/British Columbia
W.O.M.A.A. Canada/B.C./President:  Alireza Fadaie  email:  alirezafadaie@yahoo.com
W.O.M.A.A. -  WALES:  Team Wales
W.O.M.A.A. Wales President  -  Mr. Mal Johns
W.O.M.A.A. - Portugal: Team Portugal
W.O.M.A.A. Portugal President: - Soke Miguel Abreu
W.O.M.A.A. - AUSTRALIA: Team Australia
W.O.M.A.A. Australia President  -  Mr. Joe Oliveri
W.O.M.A.A. - Spain: Team Espana'
W.O.M.A.A. Espana President - Mr. Miguel Ramirez
W.O.M.A.A. -  Team Ireland
W.O.M.A.A. Ireland President: - Mr. Liam Whelan
W.O.M.A.A. Ireland County Kerry Representative
                              Mr. Niall Wright