As President of WOMAA, Founder and President of Team America, I would like to extend my sincere congratulations and appreciation to all Team America members who went to Killarney, Ireland last year.

All the competitors performed with mastery of their art and  excellent sportsmanship.  You showed the world just how good you really are.  Everyone did an excellent job.  I was so proud of everyone on Team America. 

New friends were made, old acquaintences were renewed and a good time was had by all.   My special thanks goes out to not only the competitors, family members and guests, but also to all those that volunteered their time and efforts to help the event run smoothly.

Many people  volunteered their time each day to help with registration,  scorekeeping, timekeeping and much more.  I apologize if I have not mentioned your name here,  it is not intentional.  There were so many people that helped. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  Without you, the event would not have been a success.   If you would like your name mentioned, please email me and let me know. 

As a
Special Thanks to all Team America members who competed in Ireland  I want to extend this special gift to you.  Normally to be automatically qualified for the next years event, you must place 1st or get a grand championship in the World Martial Games, if not you must requalify at another Team America qualifier.  As a special gift, this year, All competitors who placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in Ireland will be automatically qualified to compete with Team America for the 2011 World Martial Games XII being held in Cardiff, Wales.     There will be some changes to the packet, and new deadlines for the games for next year (which must be followed and adhered to).  We will also be adding some new stuff too.  

YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS ONE.  More countries, more competitors, Air Conditioning (Yeah) and so much more.  If you plan on going to the World Martial Games then you will want to go to this one.

If you placed in Ireland, you may also contact the Official Team America National Headquarters (# 3 Elm St., Bridgeville, Delaware, 19933) at anytime and request your packet.  The email address is: or,   the phone is:  443-366-6277.

Packets will be sent via email once they are completed.  If you don't have an email, then it will be sent via regular mail.

    There will also be a basic 7 day package and a 10 day travel package.  You will be able to decide which package you want.  Everything will be set soon, so you will have plenty of time to get ready  for the event.

Thank you once again for your participation in the World Martial Games and as part of Team America, the United States International Martial Arts Competition Team.

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you in Costa Rica next year.

Bruce Smith
Pres/WOMAA Int'l
Founder/Pres. Team America   

T. Rondo Van Clief
Sr. V. Pres/WOMAA Int'l

Karen Smith
Sec./Treas./WOMAA  Int'l
V. Pres/Team America