Salisbury Kenpo Karate, Inc.
Still Going Strong  and Getting Better After More than 21 Years of
              Serving the Salisbury and Eastern Shore Area ! ! !
(Now called):  
(Mr. Smith has joined forces with the Twin Dragons - Logan and Jacob Estep to offer the Salisbury and surrounding area
one of the best martial arts studios and experiences on the eastern shore. )

Salisbury Kenpo Karate, Inc.  the areas, #1, Oldest, longest running  and Best American
Kenpo Karate Studio is better than ever.  SKK is at the same location, The College
Avenue Shoppes at 720 E. College Ave., in Salisbury, but we have scaled  down our
operation to better serve our students.   Bigger Is Not Necessarily Better, and we are
proving that every day.  

NEW ! ! !   NEW ! ! !   NEW ! ! !  NEW  ! ! !   NEW  ! ! !   NEW  ! ! !
We have now added a 2nd location:
Bridgeville Kenpo Karate (Bridgeville, Sussex County, Delaware) - Classes start
January 1st, 2011 .

Mr. Bruce Smith, 7th Degree Blacke Belt, AKKI Senior Professor of the Arts, Head of
the United States International Martial Arts Competition Team (Team America)  and
highest ranking male AKKI Black Belt on the East Coast is changing things at Salisbury
Kenpo Karate for the better.  We have remodeled our facility for the sole purpose of
offering the best and most up to date,  serious training in
AKKI American Kenpo Karate
in the area.  No other studio on the Eastern Shore and especially in Salisbury and now
Bridgeville, DE,, can offer it's students the most advanced and innovative system of AKKI
American Kenpo Karate around,  only SALISBURY and BRIDGEVILLE KENPO
KARATE.  That is a fact ! ! !  No other Kenpo Facility , in the area, can offer the personal
instruction and the quality of instruction, with the most advanced system of American
Kenpo in the world today, that Salisbury Kenpo offers.    With the new location, that
same quality of service will now also be taught in Bridgeville, Delaware at Bridgeville
Kenpo Karate.

SKK,Inc. is very proud of it's existing students and we are accepting additional children  
and adult students on a per student basis.   The decision to limit  the number of students
in a class, was made to offer the best possible and most personalized instruction in the
area and to the students of Salisbury Kenpo Karate.   Our existing students are excelling
in the art of American Kenpo Karate at an incredible rate and are very serious about
what they are doing.  We accept students who want to learn and experience Kenpo in a
safe and pleasant atmosphere.  Unlike other schools in the area, we do not offer a baby
sitting service, day care center, roller skating or after school programs, where martial
arts is not the main focus.  We teach kids and adults the incredible art of
American Kenpo Karate  the way it should be taught as set forth by Mr.  Paul Mills, 10th
Degree Black Belt Senior Master of the Arts, founder of American Kenpo Karate
International and protoge' of the late Senior Grand Master Edmund K. Parker, founder
of American Kenpo Karate.  Paul Mills is the man that Ed Parker said is the "Best in the
World in Kenpo".   Remember martial arts is not just self defense, we teach our students
Humility, Self Discipline, Self Confidence, Self Determination, Self Control and Black
Belt Attitude.  We also teach life skills  and qualities that enhance both children's and
adult's lives.

Openings are now available at both locations in Salisbury and Bridgeville.

Parents, if you want the very best in martial arts and kenpo training for your kids, and

t just a place to drop them off, where there are too many students in a class to get
proper instruction,  and hope they will learn something, then you need to contact
Salisbury  or Bridgeville Kenpo Karate,
NOW to start your child on their exciting
journey, into the art known as American Kenpo Karate.  Where individual attention to
your child's needs, and more one on one instruction is the key to their progression.  All
students are taught by Qualified and Certified Adult AKKI Black Belt instructors, and
not by underbelts like some other schools.

Adults: Both men & women, if you are looking for a facility where you can train seriously
and in the most advanced and innovative system of American Kenpo in the world today.  
Where you actually learn self defense that you will be able to use.  Self Defense that is
practical and realistic and not watered down, where you have your own classes and you
don't have to worry about kids running around, then Salisbury or Bridgeville Kenpo
Karate is the place you want to be.

SKK and now BKK, will continue offering
the Exclusive and Only AKKI Specialized
Weapons Systems Classes on the Eastern Shor
e  each week.

Salisbury Kenpo Karate is very proud of it's great Safety Record.  You can be sure that
we take your training at our facilities very serious and that safety will be of utmost
importance at our Bridgeville location also.

Come check us out and see why we and others call Salisbury Kenpo Karate, (and now
Bridgeville Kenpo Karate) the #1 and Best American Kenpo Karate School in the area.  
It's not the size of the school or number of students a school has, it is the quality of the
material that we teach as set forth by Master Paul Mills, the incredible quality of the
instructors at Salisbury and Bridgeville Kenpo Karate, the family atmosphere and so
much more.  All systems of American Kenpo are good, but come find out why AKKI
Kenpo excels above the rest and is called the "Special Forces of the Martial Arts" and
"The Art of the Future".

Salisbury Kenpo Karate also has the distinction of having produced more National,
International, and World Martial Arts Competition Champions, both kids and adults
than anyone else on the shore and continues to do so.  SKK students (both kids and
adults) as well as others from different schools, have the opportunity and ability to travel
around the world to compete in International and World class competitions.  Salisbury
Kenpo is the Hdqtrs for the United States International Martial Arts Competition Team -

Don't delay, check us out today, Salisbury Kenpo(410-546-4060) - Bridgeville Kenpo
(443-366-6277) Remember classes are available now.   Keep checking this website for
updates .

SKK Update:      The entire workout area is fully matted to offer the safest possible training
for our karate students.  Classes are kept small on purpose to afford all students the best and
most realistic training possible. Keep checking back.  Stop by now or call  410-546-4060 or

BKK Update:  Classes forming now.  Starting January 1st Bridgeville Kenpo Karate is up
and running.  Classes will be taught at 3 Elm Street,
Bridgeville, Delaware.   Call now:  443-366-6277.