WOMAA World Martial Games approves
Ringstar Sparring Shoes in Competition
         Boxing Gloves for your Feet !

After much discussion and checking out the
product WOMAA Int'l Hdqtrs has decided
to allow Ringstar Sparring Shoes to be used
in all Sparring Competition at WOMAA
Local and Int'l Sanctioned events. For the
WOMAA World Martial Games, we will
poll the countries to get a consensus for use
of the shoes.  As for
right now they will not be used at the World
Martial Games IX.  Consideration will be
made for WMG X in 2009.

Ringstar makes shoes for both adults and
children.  The shoes come in 3 color
combinations (pictures to the left).

They make both a mat shoe (Ringstar
Flexx) for working out and a sparring shoe
(Ringstar Maxx and Triple SSS).  
WOMAA has approved these and will be
allowing all competitors both children and
adults to use the Ringstar Sparring shoe for
point sparring and continuous sparring.

For more information contact WOMAA

To check out Ringstar Shoes and their
other products, click here:   
Ringstar Shoes