Become an National and Internationally
Qualified and Certified Judge and Referee
WOMAA Int'l introduces "WOMAA Int'l Judges and Referees Certification
Clinics".   in the ever increasing role of Martial Arts tournaments,  qualified and certified Judges and Referees are always needed for every aspect of the event, whether it be Weapons, Forms, Musical Forms, Extreme Forms, Self Defense, Point Sparring, Continuous Sparring and Breaking divisions, etc.  Qualified referees are what makes a tournament run smoother and helps to have it end on time.   Qualified and fair Judges/Referees are also what adds to a promoters quality of his/her event, and makes people wanting to come back over and over again.

The Judges/Referees Clinics will be held at Mr. Smith's Bridgeville Kenpo
Karate studio, 3 Elm Street, Bridgeville,  Delaware, the dates TBA. .
The clinics will be open to All Black Belts (experienced and non experienced) and all Advanced Brown and Red Belts ages 16 yrs and older from any style or system.  Those participants that come and complete the course will receive a Certified Judges/Referees ID card, a Certificate as a Certified Judge/Referee and upon officiating at the Four Seasons games, they will receive the Official WOMAA Certified Judge/Referee Polo Shirt.   Once again, the clinic is FREE and refreshments will be served during the clinic courtesy of Mr. Smith

Judge/Referees are rated:  A, B & C.
      A Rated:   Center Referees for Fighting and Forms/Weapons, etc.
      B Rated:    Side Referee for Fighting and Forms/Weapons, etc.
      C Rated:    Side Referee for Forms/Weapons, Self Defense Only.

We ask all possible participants to contact Mr. Bruce Smith, Pres/WOMAA Int'l
at  or  call: 443-366-6277 to register and show their interest in these clinics.  After that we will set the dates for the clinics.

Who will be conducting the FREE  Judges/Referees Int'l Certification?

Mr. T. Rondo Van Clief, is a Chief Judge and Referee Certification Instructor for WAKO Int'l, he is also the WAKO USA President and on the WAKO Int'l  Executive Board.   WAKO Int'l is part of GAISF (associated with the Olympic Committee), and is the top Competition in the World for martial arts.  Mr. Van Clief is also the Chief Judge/Referee Certification instructor and Sr. Vice President for WOMAA Int'l, with over 40+ yrs of martial arts judging and refereeing experience in all styles and systems of martial arts.   He is also a top judge and referee for the NASKA World Tour events.  

Mr. Bruce Smith, Pres, WOMAA Int'l, also has over 35 yrs of judging/refereeing experience, and is a local, national and international promoter and hosts the WOMAA World Martial Games each year in a different international country each year.

Some guest instructors will also be invited to be a presenter at the clinics.