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W.O.M.A.A. Int'l introduces  FREE STYLE JUDO Divisions for 2011, as Exhibition, Trial divisions, to see if they will be including in future years as regular divisions.
  Divisions include  -73 kg (-160.6 lbs)  Men
                              -80 kg (-176 lbs)   Men
                              -95 kg (-209 lbs)  Men
                              -107 kg (-235.4 lbs) Men

This is OPEN to all countries who would like to participate.

These divisions will be judged by qualified Freestyle Judo Judges.   For rules and regulations go to:


W.O.M.A.A.  welcomes back Dawn Owens from Canada.  Dawn will once again take over the role of Eastern Canada WOMAA Director.

WOMAA Welcomes Mr. Rick Dobson as the new New Zealand WOMAA President.

WOMAA Int'l Welcomes Mr. Liam Whelan as the new Ireland WOMAA President

NEW Equipment Update for all Full Contact and K-1 Kickboxing competitors.   Gloves must be 10 oz.    Headgear:  Top Ten, SAP or KWon (the rubberized type).   No
Foam Dipped Headgear will be allowed in the F.C. or K-1 Ring Sports.  Leather type headgear such as Adidas or KoPro may be worn, but they MUST HAVE THE TOP
OF THE HEAD COVERED.  NO Open Top Boxing or Boxing Type headquards will be allowed.

W.O.M.A.A. addition to Safety equipment.  Shin guards are now mandatory for all male and female sparring/fighting competitors for all sparring divisions.

Enclosed finger and thumb sparring gloves are mandatory for all continuous sparring and world title belt fighting events.

WOMAA Introduces for 2009, the new WOMAA President's Sportsmanship Award.  Given to one outstanding individual, male or female, who shows outstanding
sportsmanship, integrity and professionalism throughout the games.

W.O.M.A.A. Welcomes Mr. Alireza Fadaie as it's new WOMAA Director for British Columbia
Canada.   He can be contacted at  email:
Introducing the W.O.M.A.A. Int'l Hall of Fame
World Martial Games VI Country Medal List
is Here !  Check it out.
World Martial Games VI Winners/Results  List
by country !  Check it out.
Intoducing: "THE RING"
MORE EXCITING NEWS: Ms Zara Phythian (WOMAA GBR Director) in conjunction with WOMAA Int'l, has been chosen to
host the WOMAA World Martial Games XIII, in England, 2012.  Mr. Cris Janson Piers (WOMAA GBR President and
WOMAA Int'l Ring Sports Director) will be handling  aspects of the Ring Sports (Full Contact, K-1 Rules Kickboxing -low kick,
MMA and No Gi Submission Grappling) as well as the Grappling and Freestyle Jujitsu (kickjutsu) divisions.   With Zara's
knowledge of competition and her incredible extensive martial arts resume',  and Cris's intense knowledge of Ring Sports, both
amateur and Professional, the WOMAA World Martial Games XIII will be one of the best ones yet.

According to Bruce Smith, Pres/WOMAA Int'l, Zara is such a natural choice to host the games in 2012 in England, not only
being a 3 time World Grand Champion Winner of the WOMAA World Martial Games, her vibrance, her energy, and her
unending quest for perfection, makes her the perfect choice, and will insure that overall, the 2013 games will be a huge success.   
Mr. Cris Janson Piers, a long time WOMAA supporter and WOMAA GBR President highly recommended Zara to host the
games. Cris, also the WOMAA Int'l Ring Sports Director, brings with him, an awesome amount of  knowledge and expertise
that will help propel WOMAA Ring Sports to the forefront of worldwide martial arts competitions, both amateur and Pro.  He
along with his protoge'  Ms Kerry Louise Norbury, WOMAA World Champion, WAKO PRO World Champion will insure that
the Ring Sports Divisions will run smoothly and professionally.  Between the 2011 games in Wales, and the 2012 games in
England,  the WOMAA World Martial Games will become a unending force of international competition rivaling all others.   
Please feel free to contact Ms Zara Phythian or Mr. Cris Janson Piers for more info on the games in 2012.   Information will be
forthcoming as we get closer to the incredible games in Wales in August 2011.
NEW EXCITING NEWS:  Mr. Mal Johns, and Ms Leanne Emmerson of WOMAA -Wales, the hosts of the WOMAA World
Martial Games XII, 2011 are doing an incredible job hosting the games.  To date they have secured the venue, staging, and all
other aspects, including more countries coming in,  that will make the running of the event a true success and the best
WOMAA World Martial Games yet.  With there incredible help, we are securing hotels at present, and all hotel info will be
posted on the website shortly.  Our sincere thanks go out to Mal and Leanne, and we know their hard work and the hard work
of all their students will make this year's games the one to remember.   As President of WOMAA Int'l, I can honestly say, that
I have never seen two more hard working individuals with a dedication to WOMAA and it's concepts, and the martial arts,  
that will insure the World Martial Games will be a true success in all ways.  Anyone who is interested in hosting a games or
becoming a WOMAA director in their country would do well to talk to Mal and Leanne, they have really taken WOMAA
-Wales to the next level in their country.