BRUCE C. SMITH - AKKI - Senior Professor of the Arts

Owner and Head Instructor - Mr. Bruce C. Smith - 7th Degree Black Belt - AKKI American Kenpo

Mr. Smith has been training in the art of American Kenpo Karate since 1974 (37 yrs).  He started his journey into American
Kenpo  in Tempe, Arizona.  In 1978, SGM Ed Parker promoted Mr. Smith to 1st Degree Black Belt.  Mr. Smith owned schools
in Mesa, Arizona and worked as a Professional Celebrity Bodyguard in both Arizona and Las Vegas, NV.  Mr. Smith was also
the director of Security for Celebrity Theatre in Phx, and worked in all aspects of the Security field, along with being the head
of security and executive protection specialist for different Limousine Companies. Having bodyguarded such notables as Lionel
Ritchie, BB King, George Carlin, George Michael, Rodney Dangerfield, Tom Jones, The Jets, Def leperd, Scorpions and many
more.   Mr. Smith moved back to the Salisbury area in 1988, where he worked as a Folk Art Wood Carver with a friend in a
company called Noah's Ark.  In 1989, Mr. Smith started teaching the art of Ed Parker's American Kenpo Karate at the
Wicomico Cty YMCA in Salisbury.  In 1990, he had the opportunity to open his first full time studio in the area on Rt 13.  In
Dec. of 1990, Salisbury Kenpo Karate was born.  After 2 years, Mr. Smith moved the studio to it's present location at the
College Avenue Shoppes at 720 E. College Ave., in Salisbury, Maryland.

After the tragic and untimely death of SGM Edmund K. Parker in 1990, Mr. Smith stayed with the IKKA for several more
years.  Mr. Smith had been in the IKKA for almost 20 years.  When Jeff Speakman formed his AKKS association, Mr. Smith
joined and became the AKKS Maryland State Representative for Mr. Speakman, and was the first to bring Jeff Speakman to
the Salisbury area for several seminars.  Mr. Smith earned both his 1st Degree & 2nd Degree Black in the IKKA, his 3rd
Degree Black Belt in the AKKS, and more recently his 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th Degrees in the AKKI, under the direct instruction
and tutelage of Sr.Master Paul Mills, 10th Degree Black Belt. .  

Mr. Smith, met Paul Mills at the IKC (International Karate Championships) in 1993, while attending one of his now famous
seminars.  Mr. Smith also attended a few more of Mr. Mills' seminars.  When Mr. Mills left the IKKA and formed the AKKI
Association, Mr. Smith talked with Mr. Mills and found that he had a vision of the future of American Kenpo that was both
intriguing and innovative.  He could see that Mr. Mills was going to take Kenpo past that next level, where Mr. Parker would
have gone with it, had he lived. Without hesitation, and with acceptance from Mr. Mills, Mr. Smith became a member. Upon
joining the AKKI, Mr. Mills became Mr. Smith's personal instructor and also made him  the AKKI Mid- Atlantic Regional
Representative for Maryland and Virginia. (Recently adding North & South Carolina and Tennessee to his areas of
representation) In 2002, Mr. Smith earned his 5th Degree Black Belt under Master Paul Mills at a test in the Las Vegas
International Camp. This honor makes Mr. Smith a member of the Board of Directors of the AKKI and also upon reaching the
rank of 7th Degree Black Belt in 2008, Mr. Smith, became the Highest Ranking Male AKKI Black Belt on the East Coast of
the U.S., also the highest ranking American Kenpo black belt on the Eastern Shore of Maryland/Virginia.  

Mr. Smith has trained many people, not only in Arizona, but in the local Salisbury Area over the years and continues to do so
with intensity and integrity. Mr. Smith also does seminars around the East Coast and the World.   Mr. Smith's love of the art
of AKKI American Kenpo meets no boundaries.   Mr. Smith has promoted several students to the rank of Black Belt and now
has other students throughout Maryland, Virginia, Tennessee, Costa Rica & elsewhere.   Mr. Smith is available to do seminars
both nationally and internationally and may be contacted at 443-366-6277.

Bruce Smith is also the founder and President of the World Organization of Martial Arts Athletes and the Head of TEAM
AMERICA, the United States Premiere International Martial Arts Competition Team.  W.O.M.A.A. promotes an International
Competition (the WOMAA World Martial Games) in a different country every year, with over 44 members countries vying to
compete.  Team America is the U.S. team that competes in the World Martial Games each year and is made up of all styles, all
systems, all ages and all belt ranks from around the country.
.  Mr. MARTIN CARVER -  AKKI Instructor - 2nd Degree Black Belt

Mr. Carver started with SKK about 13years ago and brings with him a martial arts background with experience as a brown belt
in Isshinryu Karate.  Mr.Carver has adapted well to American Kenpo and has become very proficient, not only in the art of
American Kenpo, but  in the Weapons System of AKKI Kenpo.  Especially in the aspect of clubs, knives and staff work.  Mr.
Carver is a very powerful kenpo practitioner and has proven himself, not only in his work as a Delaware Corrections Officer at
one of the prisons, but as a very competent and knowledgeable  instructor.  Mr. Carver also has proven himself on the field of
competition having won many places and garnering a World Championship in the World Martial Games in Sydney, Australia in

Mr. Carver is also an accomplished artist.   He has designed T-Shirts that all kenpoists would be proud to wear.   Mr. Carver, a
Dept. of Corrections Officer for the State of Delaware, will be assisting in teaching at both locations: Salisbury Kenpo and
Bridgeville Kenpo.
At the Salisbury Location we have incorporated another system into Salisbury Kenpo.  Now
Called:  Salisbury Kenpo Karate/Twin Dragons Martial Arts.    TWIN DRAGONS Tae Kwon Do
instructors Logan, Jacob and Erin Estep are well versed in their art.  Logan and Jacob, both 3rd
Degree TKD Black Belts, and Erin a 2nd Degree Black Belt have been training for over 15 yrs in
their art.    Logan and Jacob, who both have experience in Tae Kwon Do, also have experience in
Judo, wrestling and jujitsu.  They are both Mixed martial arts competitors who have very
impressive records.  Logan was recently the Delaware amateur Middle Wt Regional MMA
Champion and have fought in Pro matches. .

Erin Estep, is now also expanding her training by studying AKKI American Kenpo with Mr.
Smith.   Logan and Jacob, have also shown an interested in training in American Kenpo to expand
their knowledge.