W.O.M.A.A. International Martial Arts League of Nations
and W.O.M.A.A. Int'l Martial Arts Sports Federations
W.O.M.A.A.,  in it's effort to continually grow around the world and offer
international martial artists of all ages, all belt ranks, all styles and systems, a
fair and impartial venue of competition each year (the WOMAA World
Martial Games), announces the formation of the WOMAA W.M.A.L.N.  (The
World Martial Arts League of Nations) and WOMAA  I.M.A.S.F.  (Int'l
Martial Arts Sports Federations).   Here is how it works.

Each country has a WOMAA President, which oversees the operations of
WOMAA in their country.  Each WOMAA Country President may appoint
WOMAA Int'l Ambassadors (W.I.A.)  in different parts of their country to
handle WOMAA operations in their area.  Each W.I.A. will strive to get
martial arts associations/federations in their area to become associated with

W.O.M.A.A. Int'l Hdqtrs
(World Martial Games)

International Martial Arts League of Nations

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Int'l Ambassadors

International Martial Arts Sports Federations

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