2013 Mid Atlantic Four Seasons
Martial Arts Games Info
The Mid Atlantic Fours Seasons tournaments are now housed at The Sam Yoder and Sons, Theatre/Arena Facility.  This is a larger facility than the Heritage Shores one.  There are a few differences though.  The floor is a tile floor, not carpet or wood.   There is a large carpeted stage, which is perfect for the black belt competition and the Grands, etc.  

There will be  4 matted rings  for all divisions.  Eventually we will add more matted rings one at a time until 6 rings are matted.

The new dates for 2013 are:  Winter/Spring event: April 27th, 2013

Directions to follow.  It's a little bit off the beaten path, but an excellent facility.  Directions : 4 miles S of Harrington,  (Going S from Harrington - turn left on Williamsville Rd, Going N. from Greenwood, etc., turn Right on Williamsville Rd.  Go appox. 3 miles and turn Right onto  Hunting Quarter Rd,  Go approx 1 1/2 miles till you come to the Sam Yoder's sign, turn right down the drive way, it is the first big red bldg you come to.  (you will come to a long row of trees, the driveway and the sign are on the other side, do dont' miss it.  If you come to a stop sign you've gone to far)   There is plenty of parking, concession stand with incredible  food at reasonable prices, by Marilyns Catering.  Those that come will have a great competition and a great time. 

Partial Directions:

More directions can be attained by going to mapquest. Address for the facility is :  89 Hunting Quarter Rd, Houston, Delaware 19954
Faciltiy Phone #: 302-398-4711

Houston is pronounced = How Ston